Mutant Types

They are most of the time decorated with skulls and wear a necklace made out of CDs. Can be found in groups, leading two or more cannibals. They often drop a Club when killed.

Regular Male Leaders are stronger than regular cannibals, requiring more hits to kill.

Regular Male Leader

Skinny cannibals are much skinnier, are covered in blood and dirt and are faster.

They are weaker than regular cannibals.

Guidebook - Skinny Male Skinny Male Guidebook - Skinny Female

Also known as Neuters. They are found with white eyes, no body hair, no clothing and no weapons.

Pale Male

Regular (Male / Female) cannibals are the most basic type of cannibals. Most patrols of cannibals consist of 2-4 regular cannibals and 1 leader cannibal.

Guidebook - Regular Male Regular Male Guidebook - Regular Female Regular Female

Also known as Octopus Mutant. They are taller and strong than other mutants/cannibals. It swings its arms when trying to attack the player.

Guidebook - Creepy Armsy Creepy Armsy

Blue Creepy Armsy are stronger and faster than their regular counterparts.

Blue Creepy Armsy

Also known as Virginia or Spider Mutant. She will lift her front legs and charge in the players direction. The player will be undetected when crouched.

Guidebook - Creepy Spider Lady Creepy Spider Lady

Blue Creepy Spider Ladies are stronger and faster than their regular counterparts.

Blue Creepy Spider Lady

Babies screech and crawl towards distractions (the player, flares, etc.). They drag themselves across the ground and jump towards the player. They can be one-hit killed.

Guidebook - Creepy Baby Creepy Baby

Also known as Cowman. It mostly attacks by charging at the player and also changing direction, when the player tries to move out of the way. The second attack is stomping on the ground, throwing the player to the ground.

Guidebook - Creepy Fat Creepy Fat

Also known as Obelisk Victim, or Mutant Megan. It is the final boss of the game and can be found in the research lab. It will walk towards the player on its legs, reaching out with the shorter arms to hit the player. Mutant Megan can lay 3-5 babies.

Creepy Boss - Megan

They carry tennis balls, a torch and will attempt to throw the lit tennis ball at the player if he is further away. If the player is in close range, the fireman will attack with its torch.

Regular Male Fireman

They have two tennis balls on their belt and carry a burning stick. When seeing an enemy they light a tennis ball and throw it.

Fireman Dynamite

Also known as Painted Cannibals, or Cross Cannibals. They are stronger and faster than their regular counterparts.

Cannibal Painted Cannibal Painted Cannibal Painted

They have the faces of plane passengers stitched into a mask, wearing them on their face.

Masked Cannibal