Raw Meat

Raw Fish, Lizard, and Rabbit - Can be collected by hunting those animals. Rabbits and Lizards can be hunted or trapped. Fish are found in ponds and the ocean. Fish are killable with regular weapons and explosives. Rabbits that are lit on fire turn into edible cooked rabbits when they die. Inventory holds a maximum of 3.

Generic Meat - Can be collected from hunting sea turtles, boars, raccoons, and deer. Sea turtles are found on the beach and in the ocean. Raccoons are found in the forest and can be hunted or trapped. Boars are found only on the northern half of the island, near the mountain. Deer are found across the map. Inventory holds a maximum of 4.
All meat must be cooked over a fire or hung on the drying rack to prepare before consuming.

Meat ages over time in inventory, going from fresh to edible to spoilt and providing less and less benefits and eventually becoming harmful. Meat appearance as well as inventory tooltip title change to reflect decay state.